About us

‘Aina Design Corp. was established in January 2017 by a group of individuals from various fields including business, academic, engineering, and agriculture that are committed to shared objectives including establishment of a successful diversified agricultural economy in Hawaii. We are a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization whose primary goal is fostering a new generation of thought leaders for our diversified ag industry. Through active research and education, we believe maintaining and improving the quality of the environment is a globally shared responsibility.

Why do we exist?

Modern Scale

Our emerging agricultural industries must play a leadership role through creative fostering of our next generation of leaders.  Specifically, our agricultural development should represent to others how ecological and regenerative approaches sustain use where we waste little and our lands retain their health..

We Train Our Next Leaders!

Innovation and self-reliance is not just taught, but acted upon.  Education exists at all levels of of personal growth that inform and guide us as a socially and economically.   motivated to solve ever more complex problems. We believe maintaining and improving the quality of the environment is a shared responsibility.

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Life long learning starts at various levels of individual growth as well as group interaction. Our Moku Tracert Blockchain based learning framework is a dynamic platform meant to engage all levels of learning embedded in real world problem/solution scenarios.

Our leadership team



Joe Hagedorn

Founder, Research and Development Director

"There are no bad designs., just bad applications"

About Joe

The world around us teaches us many lessons.  I think we have failed many of these lessons.  Yet I am intrigued by the wealth of  good problems that an agricultural focus provides us"



Kiefer Hermann

Vice President and Co-Founder

"I learn by doing and doing different"

About Keifer

Learning is basically the act of doing.  We can only ask our communities to help us constantly learn.  Then we can target our site specific projects in new ways that benefit the health and welfare of ourselves and the land we exist on.



Brian Walker

Businsess Development Officer


About Brian

"Education is a key that is important, in unlocking a fair and vibrant economy based on entrepreneurs that are looking at short and long term goals"


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Commonly asked questions

What is STEM?


What's our way of working? Grow - Make - Manage




How can we use design and programming to serve new product initiatives?


What about confidentiality and consumer benefit?


Do you provide project management?


Yes, we are currently working with our tech partners to deliver end to end (peer to peer) solutions that maximize resources for small businesses.


Why should I choose Aina Design for our community project?


As our name implies, we do things good for the land....which then is good for us all.


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